Vintage Hollywood/Island Road home

Now that I’m getting back to blog posts after a 9 month hiatus, wow, I want to share some of the projects I’ve been working on. One of the completed projects I’m sharing today I had talked about briefly at the very beginning stages in 3 of the rooms: the Powder Room, the Music/Library Room, and the Great Room. You can read about them here, here, and here.

Now the project is completed, and professionally photographed by the amazing Susan Gilmore Photography, so I can share all of it’s beauty with you!

Hall_foyer Hall_livingroom-v1

In the foyer on the left, we have a stunning handmade bench by Three Elements Studios, and in the great room on the right, a stunning painting created by Jill Van Sickle. As you’ve heard me say many times, I love designing custom pieces and using independent artists for items in my projects. It adds such a personal touch and a one of a kind element to an environment, and you can’t beat the feel and look of a handmade piece whether it’s a small pottery vase or a large table. It also brings a special feel to the homeowner whenever they walk into the room that that piece was created with their needs, wants and desires in mind.


The design inspiration in this soft contemporary home came from the warm oranges, reds, and yellows from the movie Indochine based in 1930-50 and the vintage interior styles of films from the mid-1960’s, where color is strong and kept to the furnishings. The homeowners had a love of elegance, art deco, antiques, and Hmong culture hence the gold, black, warm woods, and ethnic influences. Can’t you see Marlene Dietrich or Hedy Lamarr flowing down the curved stairs in a sumptuous gown?


 In the dining room, I centered a group of 4 herons on the back of each dining chair to add a stronger focus to the very long table. The Kravet fabric has a very Art Deco/Asian feel to it and both the homeowners love birds so it was a perfect fit! On top of the buffet is a rare vintage piece by Curtis Jere entitled “Birds in Flight” and a stunning Art Deco black and gold vessel.


More stunning pieces by local artists in the master bedroom: the desk was built by Hamlin Fine Furniture, and gold accents were added by Textural Hues. The chair was created by A.W. Hoyt Metal Arts. The wonderful Art Deco Haeger gazelle guarding the desk was an eBay find! Resources can be anywhere!


Hall_musicroom-v1 Hall_musicroom-v2

My two favorite rooms in the house are the music/library room above and the updated powder room below. Honestly, I’m not sure what it is about these two rooms that makes my heart sing…but it does! In the music room above, the stunning coffee table was created by A.W. Hoyt Metal Arts and the gold finish applied by Textural Hues.


I hope you enjoyed this little tour. These photos are on my website under “Island Road” so feel free to browse any time! Cheerio! Susan

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