Help me get a better mental picture for what you’re looking for prior to our initial meeting.

Please feel free to divulge as much as you wish—the more information I have on your needs and preferences, the better job I can do to help you meet your goals!

This questionnaire is only for those who have an initial appointment scheduled. If you want to set something up, please contact me. I’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

Describe your goal for your design project. What will the room(s) be used for? Does the project possibly involve construction? What is the current room’s usage? Will that change?
Ideally, when would you like to get started on this project?
When would you ideally like to have this project completed by?
What is your estimated budget for this project?
How best do you think I can help you achieve your design goal?
Which colors naturally appeal to you, and which do not?
Do you want to make the space feel intimate and cozy, open and airy, or other? Is there natural light in the room(s)?
Describe your personal style. Are you inspired by a particular style or era in history: arts & crafts, modernism, ethnic, etc.
Is there a particular piece of decor, furniture, art, clothing in your space or life that truly speaks to your style?
Do you have extra information, comments or requests you would like me to consider? Anything I forgot to ask you?