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There’s an art to it
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The goal: April Spas and her husband were focused on collecting art, not displaying it. Turns out, there's an art to it: This is what she learned from watching interior designer Susan Brown work.

By Molly Buthrey, feature article. Photos by Drew Gray and Karen Melvin. St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper, December 2019.

Before and After
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The goal: Marge Brchan needed a kitchen that accommodated her physical limitations — without announcing them. “Cooking is something I love to do,” she said. “But I detest institutional-looking kitchens. I wanted my kitchen to be warm and inviting.”

By Kim Palmer, feature article. Photos by Susan Gilmore. Star Tribune newspaper, May 2015.

Art in the Home Exhibition
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At Bloomington Theatre and Art Center, the Inez Greenberg Gallery will be divided into five living spaces designed by guest interior designers/design teams. Each “room” will feature handcrafted furniture and home accessories by local and regional artisans.

Sponsored by RBCU. Bloomington Center for the Arts, Feb 2014.

Craftsman Heir
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This new interior for a recently constructed home in Hugo, MN is a pleasing example of interpretive design: using the Arts & Crafts philosophy not to recreate the past, but in a contemporary twist on the revival.

By Patricia Poore, feature article. Photos by Karen Melvin. Arts and Crafts Homes magazine, winter 2013.

Twin Cities Arts & Crafts Home
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St. Paul interior designer Susan Brown has recently designed this Twin Cities area residence. The cornerstone of this style is simplicity, with its emphasis on form over function and utilization of natural products and hand-made materials.

By Taylor Wilson. Photos by Karen Melvin., Fall 2012.

Changing Colors
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This being Minnesota, there’s one color that stares back at us when we look out our windows much of the year: white. For Char and Al Hatfield, it was also the dominant color of their North Oaks home interior.

By Emily Gurnon, cover and feature article, Photos by Lisa Bond. Twin Cities SPACES magazine, Oct/Nov 2011.

A Splashing Success
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The dream bath is entirely achievable, even if your current loo is less spa and more storage locker. These five Twin Cities families are living proof. You, too, can revitalize your bath without taking a bath (financially speaking).

By Alyssa Ford, feature article. Photos by Lisa M. Bond. Midwest Home magazine, Sept/Oct 2011.

Into the Blue
The owners had tired of the interior’s stark whites, creams and black lacquer accents. They were looking for the exact opposite of neutral — intense color and lots of it. So they called on Susan Brown, who has a knack for incorporating vivid hues into her work.

By Nichole Schulze. Photos by Lisa M. Bond. KBB Online, April 2011.

Changing Colors
With today's open floor plans, color can tie spaces together and set other areas apart. But how to start, and where to stop? That's where Susan E. Brown's trained eye comes in. With her business, she first prompts clients to think about what colors they like and how colors make them feel.

By Kay Harvey. Pioneer Press newspaper, Nov 2004.