What is your story? Where have you been, what brings you joy? Talk with Susan. Together you can design a space that reflects your past and brings comfort and elegance to your present.

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The Proper Balance

Susan E. Brown, Allied ASID, is an interior designer whose experience in residential interior design and textile science has created a balance of aesthetics and function throughout her work. During her many years of creating interiors for her clients, she has developed a unique style, blending contemporary and classical elements.

Life-long Passion

Growing up, my mother had every interior design and fashion magazine possible around the house. I spent countless hours perusing through these periodicals. Little did I know then, that I was absorbing furniture and accessory placement, color synthesis, texture, line and how they all come together to form a unified and fabulous look.

The Science of Design

We are all strongly affected by our surroundings whether we are aware of it or not. I believe the success of each designed space is important because it strongly affects one’s happiness, productivity, and sense of fulfillment.

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