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I thoroughly enjoyed working with Susan. I am of simple design taste so often need to be pushed out of my, sometimes boring, comfort zone. Susan did just that. She pushed me but not too far. She listened carefully and appreciated my simple taste. She has an incredible knack of knowing what her customers want even if they don’t! I have had her do several projects and am never disappointed. She is amazing and I know there will be more projects for her in the future!

- Jodie Alwin

In designing our kitchen, Susan listened carefully to our wish list, incorporating aesthetics with practical functionality. The attention to detail and open design was just what we wanted.

- Len and Paulette

I suppose I should have learned in elementary school how the color wheel works, but it wasn’t until you worked your magic in our home that I fully appreciated what that really means. Every time I have the opportunity to sit in my office and watch the walls trade colors as the sun and shadows move through the rooms, I marvel again at your genius. I often comment that I don’t deserve to live in a place that is so beautiful. Thank you for working your magic in our home. You are delightful to work with and a designer extraordinaire.

- Dewayne D.

Working with Susan is like working with a trusted friend. She listens, understands you and what you like. She even encourages you out of the box and works her design “magic,” all without being pushy.


Our introduction to Susan was in response to an article describing her passion for displaying art in unique and innovative ways. After a pleasant and informative meeting, we realized Susan had far more to offer than simply curating our art.

Her unique talents and vision would include integrating art works into the overall décor of any room she advised us on throughout the house. Susan demonstrated creativity and attention to detail on projects throughout our home. Her personality made it very easy to work with her. Her ebullient demeanor was a constant as well as her willingness to find a solution to any and all problems. Our remodeling project was extensive and occurred in the midst of the pandemic at its peak.

In closing, the best compliment we can give Susan rests in our emotional response to her work. We now have a home that contains any number of rooms that upon entering elicit strong feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

- Tom and Judith

The first time we worked together, Susan helped make our home feel just right with suggestions for wall color, fabrics, and furniture placement. She encouraged using our own family pieces and belongings to vastly improve the ambiance of our home. Years later, the rooms still resonated with comfort and warmth. So, when we purchased a new property, working with Susan was a given, even though our new house is out-of-state. Now, a year in and mid-project, we are so happy and grateful that we have Susan in our corner! Taking a home down to the studs is not for the faint of heart, but Susan has helped us with all our hardscape, paint, and lighting decisions, and worked with our architect to make sure everything is in place for another home that feels ‘just right” for us.

- Margaret M.

I recently had a neighborhood party, and several people agreed that this room is so comfortable that they could live in it 24/7. Susan’s rearrangement of our artwork was a key to the overall success of the project. Susan is a great guide and partner to work with.