Owner and Principal Designer

Hello and welcome to Susan E. Brown Interior Design!

I am a full-service, nationally published interior designer working with clients nationwide to create spaces that are both sophisticated and personal. My studio is based in the Twin Cities metropolitan area 

From the door hinges to the sofa style, I carefully guide the design process step by step. My firm committment to clients helps them trust me, respect my judgment, and feel comfortable talking to me about what matters to them.

Creating a close relationship with my clients is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work, and I revel in creating surroundings that bring joy.

I pursued formal study of two passions at the University of Minnesota, earning a B.S. in Textile Science and an M.A. in Applied Design. I initially worked in Textile Quality Assurance for both Industrial Fabrics Corp and 3M designing quality control labs, procedures within manufacturing, and testing new chemical treatments for upholstery and carpet. After absorbing and understanding the properties and importance of quality within materials, I chose to apply that to the creative environment obtaining my Masters of Art in Applied Design focusing on Color Theory and Integration.

A master at integrating color in and between spaces, I also enjoy blending contemporary and classical elements. But it is the client’s needs and desires that are paramount – whether that means making a completely redesigned master bath dovetail seamlessly with an executive’s morning routine, or incorporating a cherished grandmother’s turquoise vase into the living room plan. Or perhaps it means finding just the right way to feature a prized memento from an overseas trip. My love of design goes back to my childhood – spending countless hours engrossed in my mother’s decorating and fashion magazines – subconsciously absorbing the fundamentals of the craft.

My work is grounded in the conviction that we are all strongly affected by our surroundings, whether we are aware of it or not, and that one’s happiness, productivity and sense of fulfillment depend upon the success of each designed space. Yet everyone is different; everyone has a unique story to tell within their own walls.

Let me help you tell yours.


Interested in more information? Send me a quick note today. I’d love to chat with you and see what we can create.”