Get to know Susan

Susan E. Brown, Allied ASID

Owner and Principal Designer


Susan E. Brown, Allied ASID, is a full-service, nationally published, interior designer who works with her clients to create spaces that are both sophisticated and personal.

From the door hinges to the sofa style, Susan carefully guides the design process step by step. Her firm commitment to her clients leads them to trust her, respect her judgment and feel comfortable talking about what is important to them. For Susan, that close relationship is one of the most rewarding aspects of her work, and she revels in creating surroundings that bring her clients joy. 

Susan pursued formal study of two passions at the University of Minnesota, earning a B.S. in Textile Science and an M.A. in Applied Design. She initially worked in Textile Quality Assurance for both Industrial Fabrics Corp and 3M designing quality control labs, procedures within manufacturing, and testing new chemical treatments for upholstery and carpet. After absorbing and understanding the properties and importance of quality within materials, Susan chose to apply that to the creative environment obtaining her Masters of Art in Applied Design focusing on Color Theory and Integration.

Susan’s firm commitment to her clients leads them to trust her, respect her judgment and feel comfortable talking about what is important to them.

A master at integrating color in and between spaces, Susan also enjoys blending contemporary and classical elements. But it is the client’s needs and desires that are paramount – whether that means making a completely redesigned master bath dovetail seamlessly with an executive’s morning routine, or incorporating a cherished grandmother’s turquoise vase into the living room plan. Or perhaps it means finding just the right way to feature a prized memento from an overseas trip.

Susan’s love of design goes back to her childhood, when she spent countless hours engrossed in her mother’s decorating and fashion magazines – subconsciously absorbing the fundamentals of the craft. Her work is grounded in the conviction that we are all strongly affected by our surroundings, whether we are aware of it or not, and that one’s happiness, productivity and sense of fulfillment depend upon the success of each designed space. Yet everyone is different; everyone has a unique story to tell within their own walls. Let Susan help you tell yours.


Jenny Bell Nielsen

Project Manager & Design Assistant


As long as I can remember I’ve been driven to make things.

I grew up on a farm in beautiful Central Wisconsin.  By farm I mean a couple of hippie city kids who raised my brother and me on 80 acres of pine trees, rocks, alfalfa, free range chickens, a smattering of rag-tag animals, garden veggies and love.

I spent countless hours creating environments for my dolls out of the things we had around the farm.  Burdocks were plentiful in the surrounding woods and I’d construct furniture and upholster it in scraps of quilt batting and fabric left over from Mom’s needlework projects.  I’d use game boards, boxes and old crates to make dwellings for them, decorating them with pictures cut out of catalogs and magazines. Barbie’s Dream House, move over!

If I ever wondered aloud whether I could replicate or make something, Dad would say, “if someone can make it, YOU can make it.”  That is how I approach creativity and expression. If someone can do it, I can do it.  We all possess limitless abilities to dream.  Tell me your vision and I will consider it time well-spent thinking of the ways to make it happen.

I graduated from The College of St. Catherine with a BA in Fine Art.  Soon after that I married my husband and, together, we have two amazing daughters.  I’ve always had lots of creative irons in the fire.  When our kids were small I had a handmade greeting card business.  As they grew I created other cottage industries ranging from jewelry making to floral arranging.  I was a project assistant with a design/build contractor.  In my spare time I still love to make things.  There’s next to nothing I won’t try. Several years ago I began working at a fabric and furniture showroom which is where I crossed paths with Susan E. Brown.

Working with Susan is a creatively challenging and collaborative undertaking for me.  Susan and I speak the same visual language and it is very fulfilling to assist her in the design process.  Together we curate personal, balanced environments for our clients to live their best lives in.  What better thing to make?