The Process

About the collaborative process — turning your vision into reality.

  • My design work is rooted in creating unique and personal spaces. These spaces are based on the specific needs and desires of the client. My goal is to create an environment, not just a decorated space, that truly speaks to you. My years of design experience, collaboration with talented local artisans, builders and showrooms make a great foundation for the work we will do together. Below are some steps you can expect when working with me.
  • Initial Contact
  • Let’s chat! Once I hear you are interested in my services, we’ll schedule a phone call so I can find out more about you, your project, your needs and desires, budget, etc. If you’re raring to go after that, super, I’ll get the proper paperwork ready, request a deposit and we can start the process!
  • Let’s see eye to eye! If either of us feels we need eyes on the real deal, then I schedule a meet and greet. We can further discuss the project, the process, take a tour of the site, and meet face to face! No design consultation is given at this phase as it is a complimentary service. If it seems like a good fit, the paperwork and deposit request follow.
  • We are ready to create! This could include returning to the home to take photographs and measures, chat more about priorities, the process, etc. Or it could include starting to sketch out designs in the studio, searching for furnishings, finishes, and samples at showrooms. From here on out, there is a lot of communication, brainstorming, and back and forth processing resulting in a one of a kind home that is truly you!


Interested in more information? Send me a quick note today. I’d love to chat with you and see what we can create.”