Quick Powder Room Update!

I haven’t written a blog post for almost two months, wow. So let’s not dilly dally! In a large project of mine, there are a couple of powder rooms where we want updates without the expense, as we are putting quite a bit of expense into the main living areas. I’m thrilled the way they both are coming together. One is completely done, and the other is just awaiting artwork. I’ll do the one that is awaiting artwork in a future post. Really! I promise! Yes, for sure!


What we called, the “Black” bathroom. Kind of a perfect before and after since it’s near Halloween, huh?

Black, white, gold faux painted walls, sconces and shades, mirror, and pleated shade on the window. EVERYTHING, everything (ok almost) had this texture applied to it.
Here is a closeup of the treatment. Not only was it dark, and overdone, but a glossy finish had been applied to the top. Eeeek!

There was barely any light in the room because the metal sconce shades, which don’t transmit much light anyway, had been painted black. Since the bathroom faces the front door entry, you couldn’t really keep the shade up. The off white floor and white ceiling/trim only made the situation worse.

Lovely little cabinet that I removed and did not replace. Not particularly attractive either.

Now called the “Lotus” bathroom. I kept the flooring, white pedestal sink and white toilet. I also kept the gold and black faucet, a truly wonderful design. I also kept the gold towel bar and ring. Ta-daa!
It’s now a little jewel box! I installed a new mirror and new Jonathan Adler bamboo inspired sconces.
I had the ceiling “de-popcorned” and painted a metallic gold. I also installed much larger artwork tying in the black. Incidentally, the wallpaper is called Lotus, and as I was about to have the artwork installed, I noticed on the back it was called Lotus too! How serendipitous!

The rug is a wool/silk blend that is a strike off or sample for a much larger rug. I love using these for bathrooms, powder rooms, etc. I have them all over my house. The quality and richness is amazing and truly elevates the status of a bathroom. Often, higher quality rug places will have these for sale for almost nothing! The shade is a simple gold colored pleated shade in the top down/bottom up style since this bathroom faces the front of the house. It still lets in plenty of light, which is probably why it’s hard to even notice in the down position here.

Since there’s no storage with a pedestal sink, and this bathroom is larger than your typical powder room, I got this cute little cabinet for TP and extra towel storage (contemplating switching out the towels to a darker color…hmmm…thoughts?).

Well, what do you think? Success? I know I’m super excited with the outcome!
Later!! Susan
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