Travarente’s Fabulous Dishes!!

Massya and A Flying House

TRAVARENTE’S MASSYA COLLECTION!! When it comes to buying new dinnerware for the home, the one comment I often hear is I’m so sick of my white, and would like to have something with pattern and/or color. BUT I know I will tire even quicker of all the colors and patterns I see…what to do? My advice to that: something subtle with color or pattern. AND walaah! Travarente!

Visually, these dishes are very elegant with their soft charcoal and white illustrations. They are classic and could be used for any occasion–dinners, brunches, etc. I love how they also add art and whimsy to the table. The collection was created by Katya Tolstaya. Below is her inspiration for the art:


Massya collection was born when I was a teacher of painting at school. One day a little girl asked me to draw a rabbit in her album. Immediately she and others in the class loved the funny rabbit. It became a game – one was asking for a rabbit with a fishing rod, other with a hat or in boots. Then we all decided to name him Massya. And then Massya has needed the stories to become alive friend to kids. The stories created by kids were so interesting that I decided to write them down.”


Massya and a Herbarium I
Massya and a Herbarium II
Massya and a Herbarium III

But what additionally captures my love for these dishes is the stories associated with each image. YES, there’s even fairy tales!

Venture to the website HERE to finish the story!

The trio of Herbarium above would be stunning on the wall of your kitchen, and many of the dishes would be perfect as art in a child’s room. What a fabulous keepsake, and so easy to store and pass along within the family!

Massya and the Stars
Massya’s Hobbies
Massya’s Friend
And a pillow! Massya Goes to School

I love dishes as art, and these are some of the most interesting I’ve seen in a while! I hope you check them out! Dishes, dishes, dishes…so many and so lovely!

~~~ Decorate away! ~~~
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