New project reveal: Creating a joyful, colorful, & whimsical space!

Hello to my community!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve shared project updates (since 2020, and we all know what a year that was!) and I’m so excited to be back in the circuit again… this time with wonderful help from my fabulous website designer extraordinaire, Natalie Hilscher of De Lu Studios.

I love keeping everyone up to date with current projects—whether they are in progress or completely finished—as well as other happenings, tricks of the trade, etc. in my neck of the woods.

When you come to the conclusion that you just can’t do it all, it’s best to reach out for help to those who make it look easy! So please stay tuned for more!

My goal is to provide updates four times a year… I don’t want to overwhelm anyone’s inboxes as I know we all get way more mail than we want. However, I hope you’ll keep this one active in your mailbox.

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Riverside Lane

This was a wonderful, repeat client who, in the past, we’d done minor consults here and there.

This time we were going for all new furniture and furnishings in the living, dining, and powder rooms as well as some new partial construction and fixtures in the kitchen.

We used their amazing contemporary art collection as inspiration for color and pattern. The goal was to have the art collection be a strong focal point within the open living space while also bringing in strong color in their furnishings.

To accomplish this, our goal was to bring all of that color to the space in a balanced way that didn’t overload the mind by creating negative spaces within the overall relationships with calmer colors and patterns interspersed.

This way we were able to create a space that is joyful, colorful, and full of whimsy!

Click here to see more of this project!



Logo Reveal

Check out the updated logo created for me by the ever talented Jane Nicolo of Nicolo Studio!

I’m so excited about it. Literally, it was the first thing Jane showed me, and I jumped for joy.

Let me know what you think, and check out Jane’s page.

She’s a talented painter as well. You can check that out on her website,



Remember, we are all strongly affected by our surroundings, whether we are aware of it or not!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your spaces!

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