Why Black Wallpaper Is all the Rage

This is a guest post by the fabulous Graham and Brown, a top-shelf wallcovering company since 1946. This team continues to produce stunning designs that are fresh, chic, and future-forward. Take a peek at some of their best black wallpapers below! 


Bright, vibrant designs aren’t for everyone, so it’s comforting to know that dark wallpaper is very much in vogue in 2017.

Creating a mysterious vibe, black wallpapers ooze style and sophistication, and you’ll be surprised at just how much life these dark designs can breathe into your room. There are many different patterns and styles to choose from, which means you can really get your creative juices flowing.

Allow us to guide you through some of the best black wallcoverings that money can buy, explaining why these wonderful products will look perfect in your home.

Jewel Black / Gold

This stunning wallpaper designed by Julien MacDonald shows a much more feminine side with a delicate lace motif.

Offsetting this dark wallpaper with subtle texture and a gentle metallic shimmer, black interior design doesn’t have to display your dark side. The intricate pattern of Jewel Black/Gold really adds a sense of attention to detail that guests will notice straight away. Why not bring the lace texture away from the walls and into your soft furnishings to finish off this look?

Majestic Black

Nothing beats the regal sense of a sophisticated dark design and this black patterned wallpaper in particular instantly transforms your room. The traditional scrolls dance along your wall to create a little hideaway just for you.

Adorning your walls with an unmistakable sense of chic our Majestic Black wallpaper makes a style statement that sets the tone for your room. From our paste-the-wall range, this product is extremely easy to put up and take down.

Twilight Black

Twilight Black

Have you ever considered stepping away from the conventional white kitchen and bathroom? With our stunning Twilight Black wallpaper, you can quickly revamp each room with a look that resembles intricately-laid tiles.

This textured wallpaper boasts sudden hints of glitter that twinkle as the light captures their splendor. Extra washable to give the clean finish of real tiling, this dark wallpaper is printed on our paste-the-wall paper to offer ease of application, allowing you to get the job done in an afternoon.

Flutterby Black

Black wallpaper isn’t all about dark and mysterious landscapes, though. By adding pops of vibrant color, you can create a cheery canvas that lifts the mood in any room.

Another design from our incredible Julien MacDonald collection, Flutterby Black displays colorful butterflies that dance along your walls and contrast the dark textured background. With subtle glitter elements that also add a glamorous touch, this sophisticated wallpaper makes a chic style statement.

We’ve merely scratched the surface here, but we hope we’ve given you enough inspiration to take into your next decorating project. You can check out our full range of black wallpaper here.

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