Dering Hall Published Editorial Photos!

Hi, Recently I’ve become involved with the online designer website Dering Hall. For years, I’ve coveted the the designers who display their projects on this site, hoping mine could be on there as well. You have to be invited and of course, being not quite as tactful as I should always be, I did submit my stuff a while back, but alas, it was a no go. So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to be a part of a website that shows off the finest interior designers, architects, artisans, and design galleries around the world in addition to selling new, high-end home furnishings and accessories.

Since then, they have used a few of my photos in some of their editorial pieces. And when I see some of the names I’m grouped with, I’m seriously, very excited!! Yes 5 editorial inclusions in a little over a month! Check out the links below and let me know what you think! Can you find which one is mine? (OK, they do have my name listed…)

44 Seating Arrangement Ideas

Rooms With Pops of Purple

28 Rooms With Sunny Paint Colors

32 Pattern-Rich Homes

40 Vibrant Bedrooms with Personality

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