This Danish Watch Company Puts the Svelte in Felt

I am an avid Skagen watch wearer and have been for years.

Skagen is a Danish company that specializes in watches but also has fantastic leather and felt purses and backpacks as well as jewelry to coordinate with your watch.

Their designs celebrate simplicity, quality, Danish* design and the seaside village of Skagen; they are slim and chic with just enough glam and earthy sophistication. Skagen watches always look like they cost two to three times what they actually do — it gives you that small bit of savoir-faire for your basic outfit.

*I am a tiny bit Danish — not that I think that was a factor in my attraction, but who knows! I love wearing arm candy and since I’m busy with my hands everyday, it has to be something functional and classy. 

And the prices, WOW! The watches last for (seemingly) ever, and range in price from $95-$225. Recently I ordered a new watch and was blown away with the packaging.

It’s a cute little zippered, felt pouch. I was so taken back by it that I did a bit more research and found this information about the case from the Skagen website:

Musling is the Danish word for mussel—that clam-shaped creature with an elongated shell that’s found by the sea. Musling is also the name we’ve chosen for the extraordinary case which can be purchased as an alternative watch box in which to nestle your watch. Recalling the natural colours and textures of the Skagen landscape, it is crafted of felt, a nod to the Skagen brand’s commitment to using sustainable resources.

The design was conceived by Oakland-based product designer Jake Jakus. Says Jakus, “I wanted to make a container that used the unique strength and texture of felt. I started experimenting by adding zippers, only zippers, to create a container that looked both simple and pure.”

And quite a container it is. No, you won’t see our Musling clinging to wave-washed rocks anytime soon. It’s far more functional than that. In fact, you might use yours in your own imaginative way. We’ve heard of people who’ve secreted away their musling in a special spot—hiding a string of pearls, or even providing a safe place to stash loose kroner from Danish holidays spent by the sea. We provide the case; you provide the creative ways of using it.

But now for the most extraordinary thing not mentioned above: when you unzip the pouch completely, it forms the letter “s” — as in Skagen! (How cool is that?!)

Oh, and did I mention they recently asked me to be a part of their Fashion Influencers Lab? I’m excited to see what that’s all about. Anyway, check out their products. You will not be disappointed!

Skagen Website

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