How We Turned a Bonus Room Into a Lakeside Getaway

How do you transform that “bonus room” into something truly unique?

I’ll show you how we took one homeowner’s above-garage, add-on alcove, and converted into a truly spectacular lounge area for the entire family to appreciate.

The owner had built this extra room a few years back over their attached garage. Not knowing exactly how they would use the space, the family installed durable, commercial-grade flooring, along with plumbing and electrical hook-ups, so they’d have the flexibility in the future.

The room wore many proverbial hats: media room, kid sleepover room, game room — you get the idea. They were ready to change the space into something fun and usable.

Plus, given that this house is on a lake, the homeowners wanted the room to reflect their love of the water, the beach, and family trips to sunny locales.

We had to make the difficult decision to get rid of the hanging swing the kids had used for several years. It was right in the middle of the room, and severely limited our options for furniture.

Fortunately, the kids had grown older, so we didn’t get too much pushback.

Welcome to the lake!

To capture that lazy summer, beach feel, we pulled out plenty of stops.

We have a lovely, huge mural; a grasscloth wallcovering; a custom “jellyfish inspired” pendant; a beautifully beach-y sectional; custom cabinetry; and a custom LED-lit glass countertop that mimics the texture of the beach when you peer through it. (Fun!)

Here you see a partial glimpse of the lake map on the floor. Hanging near the sectional is an oyster shell light. There are also two more ottomans the family can put in place of the weathered wood coffee table to have a great lounging experience for all. It also makes an excellent place for the kids to have sleepovers.

Here’s a close up of the wet bar area, and its lit-up, glass countertop which comes complete with the waves, sand, and bubbles look. My amazing woodworker, Hamlin Fine Furniture, was able to make the curved peninsula like I wanted to imitate the feel of the soft moving waves of the ocean…as well as the movement of the wood grain. Love the “sloppy” aqua pendant, and the Alys Edwards glass mosaic tile is amazing. I’ve used it before, and it never disappoints.

All these elements come together and create a magical summertime space. It’s hard to believe this is the same room!

Want to bring your own lakeside into your home? See below for a list of featured elements and their makers:

Special thanks to all of the wonderful contributors of this project!





Ready to transform your that “bonus room” in your home? Send me a quick note today. I’d love to chat with you and see what we can create together.


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