Spring and Petite Wonders


I recently saw this wonderful, dainty floral arrangement while on a trip to New York.  There were so many things that caught my eye: it’s petite, but full presence, the contrast in hues, the desaturated color of the large grey green leaves contrasted with the intense chroma of the dainty, frilly fuchsia flower petals.  This one little presentation has so much richness, and best of all…it won’t get in your way while eating!

So, of course, I had to ask the Garden Guru, my mother-in-law Deb Brown, the best way to duplicate this little dandy on your own.  Her suggestion:

“It looks like several frilly carnations for the center wired together at the bottom. I would say look to your houseplants and trim the ends from trailing philodendrons or pothos this time of year.  In summer, you could cut a few leaves from perennials.  Or any time, you could pick up a small bunch of floral greenery at a grocery store florist — or wherever you buy the carnations.  I think the fun part would be the creativity involved.  That little arrangement or bouquet could be made with other flowers as well as carnations…a mound of mums, for instance.  And in June, one luscious peony, surrounded by contrasting leaves.”

Spring will be here…eventually…really!!
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