Peacocks In Decor!

Today I have a wonderful guest post from Mari at Arcadian Home. I think she’s selected some of the best images ever on peacock decor! I’m dedicating this post to my good friend Joy…I don’t know anybody more peacock crazy than her!!  Let’s read on…                                            

Hello, everyone! It’s Mari here from Arcadian Home blog, a beautiful place to find lots of decorating inspirations, including table decor, wall art and interesting lighting fixtures of all sorts. I’m so excited to be visiting Color Me Lovely with a guest post about peacocks in decor. Today’s post was inspired by Susan’s wonderful auction find of an antique white peacock print by Jessie Arms Botke. You can see it here. To celebrate that found treasure, I’ve pulled together eight images of rooms with beautiful peacocks as focal points. Please enjoy!

Designer Jeffrey Bilhuber placed this preserved peacock on a pedestal as the focal point in a lovely blue Manhattan apartment living room. Peacock blue accents pop in the midst of paler shades of blue.

This painting of a white peacock on a black background serves as a lovely focal point above the deep pink velvet settee in a traditional living room.

A contemporary peacock painting in brilliant blue is the center of attention at the head of this wrought iron canopy bed. Turquoise buffet lamps with large black shades (only one is visible here) are perfect atop the bedside chests.

In this inviting pale gray and green dining room, a contemporary peacock painting serves as a colorful focal point. A blue and white rug gives the space an understated coastal feel.

This living room with wonderful global style includes a colorful preserved peacock near the fireplace behind the deeply tufted gold velvet sofa. Moroccan tables merge beautifully into the design that also features sleek metal modern tables.

An eclectic bath has two peacock elements — a pretty painting resting on the floor against the wall and the window shade in a floral and peacock patterned fabric.

Elle Decor brings us this lovely green dining space with two preserved peacocks, one is white as seen in Susan’s antique print.

A gorgeous peacock mural is stunning in this glamorous pink bedroom with clear acrylic four-poster bed. The only thing I’m missing is a really glam modern pendant light hung in the center of the room. What a great space!

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What do you think of these peacock inspired interiors? Leave us your comments below and be sure to check out our website for more home decor and lighting inspirations!

Was I right??? Awesome images, huh? Being the ultimate animal lover I am, I would never, ever condone killing and stuffing animals purely for purely pretty decor. The stuffed peacocks are absolutely stunning, so if you want them in your home, please, please check your sources and make sure they lived a long, lovely life and died of natural causes. Many thanks!
Later ‘gaters! Susan
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