Eclectic Vintage Color — the Kitchen

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Time for after pics!! This post is focused on a kitchen from a multi-room first floor project.  I’m calling this project Eclectic Vintage Color because those are three adjectives the homeowner really wanted to incorporate into the finished designs.  The entire project included the kitchen, laundry room, powder room, family room, living room, and dining room.  I think I’ll do different posts for each room.  How’s that sound? First up — is the kitchen — which probably isn’t as vintage, eclectic or colorful as the other rooms.  After all, we did need function here.  I posted before pics of the below kitchen here and did progress posts as we were selecting finishes, etc. here and here.  So now, drumroll please…check it out!

Eclectic Vintage Color

Maple cabinetry, granite countertops, mosaic style backsplash with glass, stone, and marble, stainless fixtures, stainless breakfast table, vinyl chairs
I absolutely adore the backsplash/granite combo.  The swirl of the granite combined with the structure of the tile is just divine!
I really like all of the coordinating textures in this image, particularly the charming basket shelf.
In addition to the island, there is a large peninsula — see the three pendants — with three stools for additional seating or to watch TV in the family room.
Didn’t my client do a fabulous job finding baskets for the shelf with the perfect shade of grays and cream liner to tie in with all of the varying colors we brought into the kitchen?
A little personalization with knob icons for the four family members:  grapes, baseball, books, and butterfly
But wait, we can’t forget about the adorable family dog, Milo!  He gets a personalized knob too…
I know, not the best pic, but it’s a dog head knob identical to Milo’s breed.  How fab!
And of course he also gets his own little eating/food storage station!
Stay tuned for Room #2!

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