If someone were to ask me if I like the color purple, I would say, “it’s ok”.  Nothing too enthusiastic.  Yet, when I look at my house, what do I see…purple, when I look at my gardens, what do I see…purple!  I think the term purple gets a bad rap, don’t you?  My first instinct is to think of an ugly, intense Minnesota Vikings purple — eeek!  Do you think that too?  What is it about the Vikings color that makes me wrinkle up my nose?  I guess if I look more closely, the colors I am surrounded by are more lavender, desaturated and dusty purple, fuchsia, etc. With every color, there are so many variations that I think it is truly difficult to say you “hate” a color.  Oh really, you say, even Vikings purple…yes, even Vikings purple.  We all have our favorites that truly speak to us, and mesh with our “color comfort zone”.  Honestly, there are no colors I hate, as long as they are used appropriately whether that be the proportion, the environment, the combinations, the application (not a football jersey), etc.  Every color deserves 15 minutes of fame!!!

Let’s look at some rooms where purple, and variations of the hue, really reign (pun totally intended)!

photo by Per Gunnarsson
Pinterest – I know, not a room, but how stunning!


Yikes!  Purple Passion galore!
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