Swimming with My Mother

I saw the play Swimming with My Mother last night at the Guthrie Theatre’s Dowling Studio.  It was very touching, and moving, particularly since I’m a mother, but also knowing the two performers were the “actual” mother and son — perhaps a bit reflective as well.  Yes, pun intended!  The play, as described on the Guthrie’s website, “A young boy takes a lesson from his mother, a swimming coach.  Life passes in laps, things change, and the boy teaches his mother to dance…their own stories intertwining and swelling like a rising tide.”  The movement was so fluid like a blurring of water and dance, absolutely lovely.

At the end, the well known choreographer and performer David Bolger shows us a 6 minute film he did with his mother called Deep End Dance.  This was an incredible visual of dance under water.  Check it out below!

Doesn’t his mom, Madge, look great for 78 yrs old?!  Wow, if you are a an avid swimmer, keep it up!
Breathe, bubble, breathe, bubble…  Susan
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