Nancy Mackenzie

Texture, fiber, found objects — how could you not be totally in love with fiber artist Nancy Mackenzie’s newest work at the Sticks and Stones show at Raymond Avenue Gallery in St. Paul, MN!  I have always been enthralled with textural work whether it be utilizing nature, handmade paper (I used as a medium to exhibit my Masters color theories), fabric, fiber, felting, etc.  This last exhibit of Nancy’s however, is really hitting home for me!  If you are not familiar with Nancy, she is an internationally recognized fiber artist creating wall mounted sculptures and wearable art.  Nancy’s work has been exhibited, and in permanent collections, across the country, Asia, Latin America and Tokyo.

I love the simplicity, yet chaotic nature of Nancy’s wall and table pieces for this show.  I find both the simple and complex elements in each piece so delicately balanced.  The airy sculptures are made of willow, apple, waxed linen thread, Japanese paper, and apple bark.  The 2D media of the computer does not give due credit to the wonderful 3D aspects of each piece, so an in person appreciation is definitely advised.  The show only goes until June 29th, so hurry and check it out!!  You will be truly captivated!

If Nancy’s last name, Mackenzie, sounds familiar to you, she is also known as the wife of internationally recognized potter Warren Mackenzie with hundreds of solo exhibitions and permanent collections in Tokyo, the Metropolitan, Smithsonian, Victoria and Albert, and many more.  Nancy and Warren reside locally in Stillwater, MN.

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