Meow…Grrrrr…Animal Patterns!

Animal Skin–either you love it or you hate it in your home.  That’s what I’ve learned in my many years of design.  I, for one, like the animal skin look in interior environments.  It really adds a wonderful exoticness to the room using texture, pattern, sense of nature, and an overall warmth to the room.  Whenever used, however, it is always best done as an interruption or accent in the room vs. a main or large proportion ingredient.  In this day and age, you can easily have the look and feel of the real thing without having to use and abuse the real thing as technology of fibers and yarns have come so far. I love its use in the red tiger ottoman above with its contrast and complement to the Jim Dine painting.
I saw the above chairs on the blog Stylecourt ~ actually the post was from 2008, and I can’t remember how I ended up there.  The whys, ways, and means of surfing, huh?!  I love these chairs!  The style and detailing of the chair fits perfectly with the use of a leopard pattern.  The leopards’ success is also derived from its limited use on the back and seat only.  The chairs could so easily be used as accents or extra seating in the dining room, as a vanity chair in the bathroom, or a small accent chair in the living room or bedroom.  The uses are endless!
 With all the soft, airy colors above, the leopard rug is hugely useful in grounding the room.  A little bit of black in a room will often do that.  It also adds a real sense of exotic whimsy so the room doesn’t feel too stuffy with all the traditionalism.
Fabulous use as an accent on just the two end chairs.
I love the use of the animal skin pattern as an accent in one piece only!
AAAAHHHH!  Help!  Please remember…use your animal patterns sparingly!!!
~growl~  Susan
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