Guggenheim Paints based on Art, Showcasing Art!

Designers, architects, and other members of the trade, listen up! You know how you or your client fall in love with a particular green in a Gauguin, or the vivid primaries of a Franz Marc, or the yellow of a Van Gogh? Now you can have those colors in a home (ok, with those statements, I am feeling like an infomercial!). Guggenheim in accordance with Fine Paints of Europe has come up with two paint fan decks. One is based on the many colors from artworks in their permanent collection, and the other is based on colors used on walls in showcasing or creating gallery installations. I love this idea, and am very excited to, hopefully someday, use these fan decks!

Classical Fan Deck based on works from Guggenheim’s Permanent Collection
Circles on Franz Marc’s Stables (Stallungen), 1913, showing where classical paint colors have been matched. Oil on canvas, 29×62 inches (73.6 x 157.5 cm). Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Solomon R. Guggenheim Founding Collection 46.1037
Gallery fan deck with paint colors selected for the Guggenheim’s building by Frank Lloyd Wright as well as wall colors preferred by curators for its installations to produce a certain ambiance.
Paint color, G013, from Guggenheim’s interior ramps
Paint color, G032, from the interior of Guggenheim’s rotunda elevator
The two fan decks are not cheap ($50 and $100 each), and neither is Fine Paints of Europe exceedingly high quality paint. They also have small 4 oz. sample pots for only $10 each — yea! However, if your goal is to truly match a particular hue in a famous art piece, or to truly use the best wall color to highlight your art collection, it is definitely worth the cost.
Have a hue-ti-ful day!!! Susan
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