Glamour, Ethnicity, and a Retro Spirit!

Hello, hello, hello (ok at least it’s not ho, ho, ho yet)!  I am busily working on a living room project which combines glamour, ethnicity, and a bit of retro spirit.  All three styles really spoke to me with this client.  I have known her, personally and professionally, for about 10 years.  I LOVE her sense of flair!  Very unique, and not on one level; hence, the combination of styles…and lucky for me…integrating styles is right up my alley!

Banquette inspiration pic
Fabulous, huh?  Stay tuned…
Above is a layout sketch for the living room furniture:  funky sofa, two super cool accent chairs, awesome cocktail table, hand painted side table, gorgeous gold leaf etagere, high gloss lacquer ice blue/white desk…What?  A few too many superlatives??  OK, guess I am super duper, over the top excited about our selections!
 We already have our main conversation area in the center of the room, correct?  So, I didn’t want to just add another couple of chairs and a table in the lower right corner of the plan for more seating; hence, I came up with the idea of a built in banquette above…ala Morocco…I’m so excited about this!  Not only that…but listen to this:
We are sitting chatting, and the husband says “Wait…I need to get something.”  Huh?  He comes out with two dark turquoise (darker than above) capiz shell pendant lights with dark antique brass metal solder joints, somewhat tulip shaped, that hung on either side of the piano as he was growing up.  How FUN is that!  A bit more tulip than the round shape above, but I wanted to give you some visuals.  These are going to look absolutely stunning hanging together at different heights over the center of the banquette.  It will really ground the corner, AND his mother will be tickled fuchsia (we hope anyway)!!
We are using this Norbar blue velvet tufted in the back, smooth on the seats, and gathered on the sides of the cushion and base.
Across the top we are doing a chunky cording with this fabulous Pierre Frey cut velvet stripe.
Remember, from a previous post, this is going in this room above.  It now has wonderful warm caramelized bamboo floors, with the existing grey/blue handmade paper wall covering.
We have a lot more selections decided, but I think I’ll group them together for the next upcoming post!
~~ Ciao!!  Susan~~
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