Hey all!!  Yes, once again it is a dreary, rainy day, blah, blah, blah~~in all senses of the word!  Lately, my family and I have been watching the new AMC show, The Killing, which is fabulous by the way, but not my point.  It is based in Seattle, and of course, it’s ALWAYS raining there!  We are all covered up in blankets as we watch it.  I’ve also observed how the people in the show aren’t bugged at all by the rain, which is probably a Seattle thing, huh?  They rarely have umbrellas, maybe a hood, and the rain just falls all over them and they are constantly wet, as if its the norm, which it probably is of course, but its just a weird feeling to imagine being wet all of the time…walking in and out of buildings and cars as if it’s not raining…Anyhoo, now I’m sidetracked…onto more colorful visuals!
On a cheerful note, ♬♪♫, a few weeks back, I read about a New York artist, Mark Gleberzon, on the blog Design Milk.  Design Milk is one of my favorite blogs, and I make sure I check out the findings at each new post.  They showcase the most unique and interesting design finds I’ve ever seen~~products, art, architecture, interiors, fashion, technology, etc.  Check it out!  As I was saying, one of Mark’s chair paintings from the Architectural Digest Home Show was profiled.  I absolutely love this painting~ both the image and the words!!!
From this article, Mark said:
“I realized over time that just as a chair is a supportive structure, my parents have been more than ‘supportive’ of my being an artist. My chair paintings are thus my most personal series of work. This particular painting has been further enhanced with the lyrics to the song ‘A House Is Not A Home,’ a classic written by Hal David with music by Burt Bacharach and most popularly sung by Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick and Luther Vandross.”
I don’t know what it is about this painting I so love…the chair? the colors? the words? their meanings? the large all caps simple script? the layering? the depth?…  Okay, maybe its all of that, but I really hope I get to own one of these some day.  I decided to check out Mark’s other art, and I love it also!  Below are some more examples I adore from the Chair Series, as well as the Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Whimsy Series.  See Mark’s website here.  I also know he is a super nice guy to work with, and his prices are reasonable as I’ve been working with him to get a piece into a client’s home.
Tulip and Sunflower, 36″ x 48, acrylic on canvas
I truly hope you check out his site.  Trust me, you will have a very pleasant aesthetic day if you do~~a daily vital requirement in my book!  STAY DRY~~

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