Hide it WHERE?

Where is Spring?????  I need warmth!  Living in Minnesota during the winter, we all get a bit stir crazy–cuckoo, cuckoo!!  We’ve been cooped up (couldn’t pass that one up) inside, looking at our homes for WAY too long.  Either we want to get rid of stuff permanently, have a change of scenery, or both!

Storage is such a necessity in today’s fast paced world.  There is so much for us to keep and peruse later (that would be when?), to store for when we have more time (as if!), to look at and remember the past (we hope) that having proper places for all of these necessities is crucial in good design.  The main key is not just to shove stuff out of sight and out of mind but how to use your environment wisely and look within your existing surroundings for possible untapped space, find those hidden nooks and crannies to give a purpose to their existence.  God forbid there are parts of your house that just laze around!  Yes, you can always build in gorgeous bookcases and cabinets, and sometimes that is your only option.  Ahead are some clever storage ideas mostly centered around the useable space within and around staircases, but also a few others.  Dig in and dig out!

 Apartment Therapy by Levitate Architects— Yes, these are actually stairs in this and the 1st two pics.  Love the long, skinny door storage!
Remodelista — Yes, sometimes even the need to store larger items takes over!
 Love this!
 HGTV — home office
If finding a nook or cranny for your items isn’t what you need, but you are looking for some double duty versatility, here you go!!
A little magazine-go-round perhaps…
And for the TRULY double duty, versatile storage.  Shelving hidden storage and exercise equipment in one!
 Can you dig it??
~~~~~~~~ Susan ~~~~~~~~
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