Fun at High Point Furniture Market

Hi all!  Or should I say “y’all”!

I’m back from having an absolutely fabulous time at High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina!  I saw a lot of exciting new accessories, furniture, fabric, etc. etc.  Got to meet inspiring people such as Thom FiliciaMichael Weiss (son of famed artist/designer Lillian August), Annie SelkeRaymond Waites, and Paul Burrell (Princess Diana’s butler).  Since Prince William and Kate Middleton will inherit a lot of super traditional furniture for their new abode, Paul Burrell has been corroborating with Highland House furniture in creating some transitional furniture pieces for the Prince and Kate so they don’t feel like they are living at grandma’s little estate.  It was fun to see those pieces (I felt like an insider!)–warm and cozy but not quite so stodgy.  Veering 180 degrees from that…

Funky items from the trip:

Rug woven (yes, actually woven) with socks.  You could pick it up and relocate it.
 Pendant lamp from a sheer skirt
 I don’t know, but I liked it!
 Pendant lamp from paper coffee cups
 Art from pieces of toast.  The small toaster oven and tinfoil was sitting on a small table near the art, so I guess if you wanted to apply yourself, you could!  Or at least get a gist of the creation process!
Light pendant of grid wire and cottonballs.
Loved this showroom with all of the display furniture wrapped in tin foil!
Mohawk table lamp
Not quite as funky, but just as luscious, finds:
Nickel plated metal pendant light by Dovetail Furniture
 Again, not sure.  I think some type of dried, pruned tree or branch?  And whitewashed? Anyway, aren’t they incredible?  Almost Dr. Seuss like!
 Some type of super curvy vine constructed into these fabulous balls which were anywhere from 1.5′ to 3′, maybe almost 4′, in diameter.  Super cool!
Table lamp made from a very large spring.  The shade is wonderful too!  Could fit into so many different environments–rustic, industrial, contemporary, etc.
Some fun DIY ideas:
 Big twig-like balls with cord covers.  Adds a wonderful 3D aspect and fills a lot of negative space within a high ceilinged environment.
Flat, framed board with multiple large screw eyes on each side, string/wire drawn from screw eye to screw eye and secured to them, and little clothespin or other clips on the wires.  What a great alternative to a bulletin board for ideas, pics, art, etc.

Thom Filicia’s color combos!!!  (OK, he did kiss me 2 or 3 times on the cheek, but really, I am TRULY being objective here!!  Of course, then I almost spilled his wine–thank goodness he has quick reflexes– I could have been one bad memory…)
I just loved the unique, rich colors, and unfortunately, my pics don’t quite do it justice.  But here you go…


 Just think of these colors being a bit richer in person.  Look at that pop of Greyed Aubergine on the chair behind the plant and how it relates to the painting.  Lots of great textures too–leather, mohair, velvet, linen, definitely masculine.
 Never a dull moment in these rooms!
 Here the wonderful rich Rose and Aubergine colors again.
 Love the Mustard and Dark Taupe mohair or velvet on the sofa, and look at the subtle references in the chair fabric to tie in with the cushions.  Hugely different proportions yet so complementary!  Love it!  No matchy matchy here.
 Stunning!  Love the rug too!
 Rich Dark Rose with Ochre–yum!
And a HUMONGOUS thank you to Connie, Jon, Nancy, and Dale for being such a fun group to be a part of!!  Can’t wait for next time!!
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