Arts and Crafts project

I’m soooo excited about a current project that I’m working on, I just had to share!  I am updating a living room in a fabulous Arts and Crafts inspired newer house.  The inspiration for the project is from, yes you guessed it, the Arts and Crafts movement, but only in the philosophical sense–“truth to materials, simple form, handmade”.  We don’t want to be wedded to the predictable type of A&C furniture so are going to take it a step further–hang on to your hats!

I looove to use “found” objects in a functional, and creative, manner within my projects.  I had designed the room with a large, round coffee table in the middle.  See sketch below.

I found this incredible 19th century Turkish copper tray, which will be stunning as a central focus in the room!  It has a wonderful patina, and will only get better with age!

Of course, I found this wonderful piece from Donna Waldhauser of Alsadu who is excellent in helping me succeed with my artistic endeavors for my clients.

Isn’t it stunning?  We are going to have the tray custom built into a larger coffee table.  It will be surrounded in reclaimed wood with a distressed dark stain bringing it from 31″ to a finished table of 48″ in diameter creating an exquisite custom coffee table for my client.

Stay tuned for more updates on the room!


☯  Susan  ☯
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