The 80’s are back & I like it!

Mauve is not dead!  Only revisited, restirred, and reincarnated–meaning its appearance and what it is blended with and surrounded by has changed.  No more teal and mauve together–please–no, nada, zip, zilch…  Like most other colors currently, pink is taking on a “greige” tone.  And on the contraire, I am really diggin’ it!  Take a gander at these ultra fabulous environments and fashion using MAUVE!!

Design to Inspire:  from London based design firm Carden-Cunietti
 Look at that chandelier above.  Is that not the coolest?  I have to find out who makes that, or perhaps it was a custom, artisan piece.  I would love to see it lit up (assuming it does do that)!!  For your viewing delight, below is a little better close up.  Sorry, not the best pic–but it does give you a much better view.
 Design to Inspire:  from London based design firm Carden Cunietti
Marc Jacobs–Yes, I know there’s teal in the background.  No, no don’t even think of it–remember, this is a fashion show!
Philip Gorrivan–showcasing his newest fabric collections for Duralee/Highland Court at the Winter Antiques Show in New York last month.
So get out that big hair, Ms. Mauve Material Girl, but don’t bring the teal please…  on second thought, skip the big hair too…and the leg warmers…and the neon colors…and the oversized sweatshirts…and…
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