Susan E. Brown, Allied ASID, is an interior designer whose experience in residential interior design and textile science has created a balance of aesthetics and function throughout her work. During her many years of creating interiors for her clients, she has developed a unique style, blending contemporary and classical elements. Her trademark approach to interiors results in design that is at once sophisticated and personal. Susan received her B.S. in Textile Science and M.A. in Applied Design from the University of Minnesota. Her Masters’ thesis was “Integrative Interruptions in Color Relationships.”


My interior design work is a reflection of the importance of integrating unlike elements within a designed environment, as well as creating a unified space that also functions to meet the personal needs of each client whether that need is sticking to the same morning ritual even though the Master Bath has been turned upside down and redesigned, or making sure Grandma’s turquoise vase is incorporated into the living room plan. We are all strongly affected by our surroundings whether we are aware of it or not. I believe the success of each designed space is important because it strongly affects one’s happiness, productivity, and sense of fulfillment.

It seems I have been doing interior design all my life. Growing up, my mother had every interior design and fashion magazine possible around the house. I spent countless hours perusing through these periodicals. Little did I know then, that I was absorbing furniture and accessory placement, color synthesis, texture, line and how they all come together to form a unified and fabulous look. My mother never pursued interior design on a professional basis, but I spent many days watching her arrange, rearrange, add, and subtract components in her home. I observed and observed.

Guest writer on color:  Twin Cities Design Collective, http://www.twincitiesdesigncollective.wordpress.com

Member of Benjamin Moore Design Professional Advisory Board, http://www.benjaminmoore.com


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